Illicit Discharges and Pollution Prevention

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Illicit discharges are the release of a pollutant into the storm sewer system or surface waters, directly (discharged within the physical limits of the storm sewer system, stream, pond or lake) or indirectly (discharged outside the physical limits but in such a manner that the pollutant is carried to these systems). The Town of Carrboro maintains an illicit discharge ordinance expressly prohibiting such discharges as well as illicit connections, which are the connection of drains or lines that convey pollutants and/or wastewater to the storm sewer system.

The Town is committed to upholding its illicit discharge ordinance in order to both comply with its NPDES permit and protect the water quality of its receiving streams and uphold the effectiveness and integrity of its municipal separate storm sewer system. To do so, the Town has integrated best management practices, procedures, steps and methods into its operations in order to identify, prevent and remedy illicit discharges and connections throughout its jurisdiction. Read the Town's Illicit Discharge Program Plan for more information.