High Street and West Main Street Drainage Improvement

Goldstein high intersection

Update (5/20/22): Construction Begins Soon!

Hollins Construction Services has been selected to provide support with construction and will be pursuing this work soon.  Stay tuned for details. 

Project Description: 

Preliminary engineering and construction for infrastructure improvements along High and West Main Streets.

Project Background: 

In 2019, the Council directed staff to study this area and identify potential improvements.  Sungate Design Group has completed a study which identifies two alternatives.  The first redirects some of the runoff from High Street, all of which currently flows down along Goldston Drive, to West Main Street, thereby reducing the impacts along and downstream of Goldston Drive. The second alternative pursues further improvements along and downstream of Goldston Drive, with a good deal of required improvements entirely on private property.

The Town is moving forward with Alternative 1 at this time since a) this alternative is less expensive and Enterprise funds are immediately available; and b) the improvements are relatively straightforward and do not require the much more extensive and complex coordination with private property owners.  

Staff have reviewed the study with NCDOT since the improvements would direct more water to the West Main Street underground stormwater infrastructure, and determined that the West Main system is adequately sized and in suitable condition to accept the additional drainage. The engineering work is underway, with field work expected to occur in July.  Neighborhood outreach is being initiated, and design work should be completed by later summer/early fall. Construction work could be pursued as soon as late 2021.

Follow this page for updates on project status as they become available.

Project details are preliminary and subject to change.