Can you tell me the process of obtaining a permit?

Permit Applications are managed through PIPER, the Town’s online permitting portal which can be accessed here:

PIPER Online Portal

PIPER application instructions can be found here:

PIPER Application Instructions

What Do You Need For A Permit?

Building permits reviewed by the Inspections Division range from large to small. The following items may be required depending upon the kind of permit being sought: 

  • Site plan(s) showing detailing the proposed changes to the property;
  • Contractor names, addresses, and state license numbers for the particular trade or general contractor;
  • Information pertaining to well & septic permits, if needed, from Orange County Environmental Health;
  • Necessary documentation for related projects such as load calculations for Mechanical renovations or change-outs.
  • Sealed Architectural and/or Engineering Plans as needed;
  • For Commercial Permits, as needed: Appendix B from Building Code, Facilities Calculations, Water System Calculations.
  • Relevant permit fees and forms as required by Inspections or Zoning; these can be found at the link below:

Related Documents and Forms

The Permit Review process takes from 4 to 6 weeks for most projects at this time. During this time your project is reviewed for compliance with all applicable regulations and codes.  It is possible to receive your permit in less time depending upon the staff workload when your request is received and how complicated the project is.  

Please call Inspections if you have any questions about permits at 919-918-7336.  

Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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